A Dynamic City on the Crest of Greatness


Harlingen offers all the advantages of a Texas location with close proximity to Northern Mexico.  Major firms like United Healthcare, Dish Network, Penske Logistics, United Launch Alliance, Panasonic, Cardone Industries and many others have established profitable and productive homes in Harlingen.

Harlingen, Texas is located at the crossroads of the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, along the U.S./Mexico border.  Harlingen’s central location in the Rio Grande Valley (with a population of 1.3 million) has allowed it to share in the area’s growth and prosperity.  It is also uniquely positioned to reach all major points of the Valley, and 1.1 million of the population, within a 45-minute drive.

Our industrial and logistic community will also benefit greatly from the newly opened Durango-Mazatlan Highway that traverses east-west across Northern Mexico.   The new highway, which begins just 20 miles south of Harlingen in Matamoros, MX, is being touted as the most sophisticated and important road project in President Felipe Calderon’s administration.

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