Explore Harlingen’s Past Through Its Museums

Iwo Jima Memorial Museum

Located at 320 Iwo Jima Blvd, Harlingen, TX (956) 421-9234 This is the original sculpture used in casting the famous bronzed Marine Corps Memorial in Arlington, VA. depicting the raising of the US flag over Iwo Jima on Feb. 23, 1945, during World War II. It is over 100 feet high and weighs 130 tons. It was given to the Marine Military Academy in 1981.

A WWII museum located across the street from the statue displays many artifacts from that era and the more recent battles of “Desert Storm.” Also be sure to see the 30 minute video show of the “Battle for Iwo Jima” and a photo area representing veterans of that battle.

320 Iwo Jima Blvd.
Harlingen, TX
Military and Texas gift shop.

Monday – Saturday
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

12 – 4 p.m.

Phone: 956-412-9234

Harlingen Arts and Heritage Museum

Harlingen Arts and Heritage Museum is located at 2426 Boxwood St., Harlingen, TX (956) 216-4901. Step back in time through a tour of historic Harlingen buildings such as The Paso Real Stagecoach Inn, built during the Civil War, the city’s first hospital or the home of Harlingen’s founder, Lon C. Hill.

Hours: Tues – Sun
10 a.m – 4 p.m.

Phone: (956) 216-4906